Subrata Roy Sahara Meets With SEBI Officials



Today, Managing Worker & Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, Shri Subrata Roy Sahara with Smt. Vandana Bhargava, Shri R.S. Dubey and Shri Ashok Roy Choudhury attended SEBI’s office since SEBI had summoned them.

They presented the details of their personal assets. Shri Subrata Roy’s personal assets were around Rs 3 crore only.

Shri Subrata Roy requested and conveyed his grave concern that unmatured accounts should get their money back for which Sahara has already paid Rs. 5,120 crs to SEBI and SEBI has not taken any initiative.

He also requested that SEBI should take all possible initiatives to accelerate repayments and verifications of documents.

Shri Subrata Roy, on coming out of SEBI’s office spoke to the waiting press and declared his firm faith that nobody on this earth can prove RIGHT as wrong and said SEBI is only fighting everyday to get more money from Sahara. It is orchestrating leaks to press because of which Sahara is facing media trial regularly. Whereas in last 7 months, not even one step has been taken towards repayment of remaining investors or towards verifications of documents.

The fact of repayment is that Sahara has already repaid the entire liability except around Rs. 5,120 crs to its investors before 31st August 2012. This means that all repayments by Sahara were done before the Judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

While leaving the SEBI office, Shri Roy speaking to the media, said with a smile that the Company has paid Rs. 5,120 crs to SEBI and all the expenses are on Sahara’s account, so it was unfortunate that during the meeting, they weren’t even offered a cup of tea by the SEBI officials.

3 responses to “Subrata Roy Sahara Meets With SEBI Officials

  1. It is not a hidden fact that Sahara is a business house of utmost repute and belongs in the top tier of successful Indian business houses. It is one of the very few companies including public sector that is reaching out to crores of people where even banks do not reach. It has been helping many small time investors to reach new level of development. Many of their investors are small time rickshawallahs, cobblers etc. It is the company’s motive to recognize these small time investors. SEBI has been a rich man’s regulator interfering in Sahara’s efforts to develop the poorer sections of the society.

  2. Sahara was crystal clear in highlighting the points of SEBI’s maligning act towards them. It must be a huge reprieve to the Sahara faithful and investors to see the company coming out to address the nation about the issue in a dynamic way.

  3. Many many crore families of Hon’ble Depositors, Investors, Customers and Lakhs of workers have no problem, no grievances against Sahara, then why does the regulator/system have it???

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