Aguero to face no further action



Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will face no further action for a challenge on David Luiz in Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final.


Aguero, 24, scored the goal which booked City’s place in the FA Cup final at the expense of Chelsea shortly after half time. But he was criticised for a challenge on Luiz eight minutes from the end of the game which went unpunished by referee Chris Foy.

Both of Aguero’s boots made contact with the upper part of Luiz’s left leg but under current FA rules only off-the-ball incidents or those viewed as “exceptional” – which would, for example, warrant more than a three-match ban – are dealt with retrospectively.

The Football Association has confirmed that the Argentina striker will not be charged retrospectively for the incident. It follows confirmation that referee Chris Foy had at least seen part of the incident and acted on it during the match – Chelsea were awarded a free-kick.

Chelsea interim manager Rafa Benitez called on the Football Association to look at the incident, while Luiz himself forgave the Argentinian striker but asked for an apology.

“I would apologise to everyone,” Luiz said, when asked about the challenge. “I didn’t see if it was a bad tackle because it was in my back and even though I don’t like to think about bad things, he needs to be honest with himself. Sometimes you can be angry for five seconds and do bad things and you have to say this sometimes.

“I forgive everyone in my life. People are happy when Aguero is scoring goals, doing things in the game. Many people have said to me this is not me and not good for the football. Many kids see the game, watch the game and want to see good things and not bad things.”


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