Epic Final Trailer For ‘Man Of Steel’ Arrives


At just over three minutes, the new “Man of Steel” trailer is longer than most traditional movie advertisements. Warner Bros. is forgiven for extending the trailer to 183 seconds, however, if only because the latest “Man of Steel” trailer is too big to contain within accepted parameters.

Starring Henry Cavill as the title man of mettle and buoyed by a pulsing, driving musical score — which, the Los Angeles Times notes, is a tease of the film’s actual score by Oscar winner Hans Zimmer; Warner Bros. confirmed to HuffPost Entertainment that it is ZImmer’s work — the”Man of Steel” presented in the newest trailer is epic. The clip combines aspects of thefirst teasers and trailers with a barrage of new footage: Superman fighting the military, Superman fighting General Zod (Michael Shannon), Superman being interrogated by Lois Lane (Amy Adams). There’s even time for jokes, like when Lois asks Superman what the “s” on his costume stands for. Hint: It’s not Superman.


The new “Man of Steel” trailer also contains at least one Easter egg: One YouTube commenter noted that LexCorp, the company founded by famed Superman villain Lex Luthor, makes an appearance after the two-minute and 18 second mark. Luthor isn’t officially in “Man of Steel,” but a recent rumor did have the iconic baddie making a late-act appearance in the film.




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