The Top 7 Bollywood Scenes You Shouldn’t Miss! DONT FORGET TO ADD YOUR OWN AT THE END IN THE COMMENT..


1. Kuch Hota Hai: Our most beloved sentimental scene from this film must be when Shah Rukh and Kajol take protect from the sprinkle at the sunny season camp (Well, such a great amount of for summer camp!). He stoops, extends his hand and with an overwhelming smile solicits from her a move. He moves his fingers circulating everywhere as though he is playing a piano and they begin moving. Notwithstanding how sentimental is that? Gooey, adorable and irrefutably Bollywood!


2. 3 Idiots: Chatur’s assembly discourse deliverance will go down in the annals of Indian film as a moment parody examplary. Aamir Khan (Rancho) trades the expression ‘chamatkar'(miracle) with ‘balatkar(rape) in Chatur’s discourse to show his companion the risks of repetition studying. This scene verges on droll yet it has enough chuckles to make you disregard the clear.


3. Devdas: After missing out on Paro and his father’s affections, Devdas in self ruinous state meets Chandramukhi. One night when he is in an intoxicated state, Chandramukhi tries to prevent him from drinking. She asks “Kyu peeto ho itna ki bardasht na kar sako?” to which he answers “Kaun kambakht bardasht karne ko peeta hai, drone to peete hain ki yahan standard bhaith sakein, tumhein dekh sakein, tumhain bardasht kar sakein.” Devdas was a tribute to India’s best known unrequited fondness story.


4. Don: “Don ka intezar toh gyaarah mulkon ki police kar rahi hai. Lekin Soniya, ek baat samajhlo Don ko pakadna mushkil good day nahi, namumkin hai”. Could exchanges be upscale? Provided that this is true, this one surely is. The unabashed trust with which Amitabh Bachchan disregards disturbing threat is hopefully cool. Wager even Shah Rukh Khan concurs.


5. A Wednesday: “I Am Just A Stupid Comman Man,” is the response given by Naseeruddin Shah to all the inquiries advance by the police. He uncovers his reason for his undermining calls to Anupam Kher. In the final scene of the motion picture he discusses the predicament of “Aam Aadmi” who lives a dreadful life. Naseeruddin Shah’s soliloquy is wonderfully composed and extraordinarily conveyed!


6. Mother India: After confronting a lifetime of troubles, Nargis faces the last test of her unwavering ethical stand after her criminal offspring debilitates to snatch a village young lady from her marriage parade. Picking respectability over blood, she shoot a slug into her confused child to get a gleaming yet lamentable illustration that acquires her title of Mother India in Mehboob Khan’s extraordinary epic.


7. Anand: Rajesh Khanna attracts us with his zest for life and foaming philosophy; we helpfully overlook how it all guaranteed to end. What’s more so in his last minutes, when he succumbs to this inescapability with graceful grace (Maut tu ek kavita hai) emulated by a gushing upheaval of Anand’s medical practitioner and companion Amitabh Bachchan’s make this scene particularly frightful.



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