New Movie Trailer : ‘Gravity’ Starring George Clooney and Jessica Biel


Alfonso Cuaron’s final film was the 2006 film “Children Of Men.” Seven years after the fact, the executive has come back with a task significantly a larger number of aggressive than that faction artful culmination of dystopian fiction: “Gravity,” a two-hander set in space with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in featuring parts. To quote Clooney’s outer-space man in the mark new “Gravity” trailer: “Beautiful, don’t you consider?”

“Gravity,” obviously, didn’t get made overnight. Cuaron was taking on the film in 2010, first with Robert Downey Jr. what’s more Angelina Jolie eyed for the advancing roles.jolie turned the task down, notwithstanding, in September of that year, and bits of hearsay rapidly surfaced that Natalie Portman might reinstate her. Portman, excessively, ruled against making “Gravity,” leaving the part to Bullock. As noted when Jolie pulled out, the lead performing artist in “Gravity” has a part likened to Tom Hanks’ part in “Cast Away”; she’s onscreen without anyone else’s input for a dominant part of the film, something the new “Gravity” trailer teases out. Downey, then, was constrained to leave the film in October of 2010 on account of planning clashes. Clooney goes in for him in December of that year.

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Enthusiasts of Cuaron’s able Polaroid work in “Children of Men” most likely won’t be frustrated with “Gravity”; the film’s opening scene is an uninterrupted 17-moment succession. Consistent with Clooney, “Gravity” is “progressively like “2001” than a movement film.”


“It is an exceptionally odd film, truly,” he told Usa Today in 2011. “Two individuals in space. No beasts.”

Warner Bros. was set to discharge “Gravity” on Nov. 21 of a year ago, yet the studio moved the film to October of not long from now. “Gravity” will now land on Oct. 4. Watch the new “Gravity” trailer above

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