Heath Ledger’s Joker Diary Unfolded


An intriguing new movie that may furnish a brush of knowledge into Heath Ledger preceding his expiration has surfaced. In it, Ledger’s father leafs through a journal his offspring kept for the Joker while shooting the now-notorious part in “The Dark Knight.”


The journal is a broad representation of what Ledger musing the Joker’s mentality looked like, complete with fancy passages, drawings and magazine clippings. The performer incorporated symbolism that characteristics everything from old Batman funnies to “A Clockwork Orange” photographs. As Ledger’s father talks about the journal, the Oscar his child won post mortem for the part sits adjacent on the table.


The footage turned up on Reddit and has all the earmarks of being a cut from a year-old scene of the German docuseries “Too Young To Die.” The fragment was titled “Heath Ledger: Favorite of the Gods.”


The senior Ledger says the performing artist, who passed on of an unplanned overdose at 28, was celebrated internationally for poring himself over his characters and that he “secured himself up a lodging space for weeks” to possess the Joker.





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