Asot Michael – High Court Judgment against Caribarena

St Peter Parliamentary Representative, Asot Michael, has been awarded judgement by the High Court against Ofer Shaked and Caribarena Printing and Publishing, the publishers of the Internet portal that operates under the name Caribarena.


Shaked had claimed on the Caribarena website that he had been threatened by the sitting Member of Parliament but he failed to provide any evidence of such threats that had been strongly rejected by Mr Michael as “malicious” and “spiteful”.


Michael’s lawyers gave Shaked time to retract his false claims and to apologise publicly.   But, Shaked disappeared from Antigua and Barbuda with claims against him by creditors.


He also failed to furnish the Court with any defence against Mr Michael’s case to the High Court that Shaked had made false claims against him and had defamed him on the Caribarena website.

The High Court has awarded judgement in Mr Michael’s favour and is assessing the amount of damages that Shaked and Caribarena will have to pay to him.




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