Artur Boris acquires the domain “Caribarena(dot)com”

Artur Boris, a famous journalist from Moscow, Russia recently purchased the domain “Caribarena(dot)com” from Ofar Shekad. Artur Boris will soon host his news website on Caribarena(dot)com which holds considerable popularity in the Caribbean regions. 
The website that was earlier hosted on the domain “Caribarena(dot)com” was suspected to spread virus in the PC of the individuals who tried to access it. The controversies surrounding the domain possibly compelled Ofar Shekad to sell it. Artur Boris says, “We are very glad to acquire this domain and once the cleaning of the existing content from the domain is done, we will start our online media services on the same domain. Further, the domain has become immensely popular which will help us reach extensive population and fetch us more profit in Caribbean regions”.
The domain deal between Ofar Shekad and Artur Boris turns out to be beneficial to both parties.

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