Google Doodle Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Candy Hearts, Love Stories


Love isn’t just in the air. It’s also all over Google as today’s Doodle celebrates Valentine’s Day with stories of romance.

On the search engine’s website, each letter in the company’s logo transforms into a candy heart — with each heart containing an animated story of love set to audio provided by Ira Glass and the team from “This American Life.”

A woman married 42 years talks about the doubts she felt the day after her wedding. A man shares how a blind date turned into love at first sight. A boy in middle school describes having a root beer and being asked out by a girl he likes at a dance.

The most poignant story might be a man married at the age of 45, describing how his elation over finally finding true love turned into angst over his husband’s eventual mortality.

“This will end someday,” he says tearfully. “This will end.”

That’s when his husband steps in to reassure him: “Yes, my dear, that’s true. One of us will die and then the other will die and it will be over.”

“But we have now.”

If listening to the stories makes you think, “Uh oh… I forgot to get a card,” the Doodle has you covered with a link to an online card creation tool from Disney. Just personalize the digital Valentine and send it to your sweetie.

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