Rudraksh Group has been a pioneer in the sphere of immigration and overseas solutions with services aimed at providing the best opportunities for you arriving on foreign shores. Rudraksh Group Mohali came into being with the ideology of providing the best professional and consultancy services to ensure the best transition options to students, businessmen, tourists and immigrants yet available in modern times and give shape to the innumerable foreign dreams safely cradled in many a heart.

Rudraksh Group which boasts of an experience in excess of 16 years in international professional services is all set to extend its reach to the roots of the masses courtesy a wide array of services aimed at improving lives further and help budding talents bloom with vigor.

The all encompassing services of Rudraksh Group Mohali can be encapsulated as follows:

IELTS and TOEFL Coaching: Rudraksh Group understands the global value associated with global examinations like IELTS and TOEFL which are an indispensable necessity for every aspiring global Indian student and hence provides international standard coaching classes to prepare the aspirants for fulfilling their big dreams of studying in international institutions.

Spoken English: English is by far the most spoken language in the world and the topmost priority for immigrants and global students to conquer. Rudraksh Group Mohali assists English learners through exclusively interactive Spoken English classes which even guarantee successful transformation of novices into fluent English speakers.

French Language Learning: It always helps to know an extra global language to give a subtle edge to the one empowered with the skill. French learning classes at Rudraksh Group Mohali help you sharpen your literary skills by learning French- the sixth most spoken language in the world.

Personality Development Course: Develop an appealing personality fit to make you win hands down in every trying situation life throws at you. The unique personality development course at Rudraksh Group carves your outlook to give you an upper hand in every sphere of your life.

Call Center Training: Get yourself trained in the best of professional skills and etiquettes at Rudraksh Group Mohali to land the best of call center jobs available in town and boost your chances in bagging the best placement opportunities.

Group Discussion Training: Group discussions are decisive enough to help you land a respectable job or get a commendable promotion. Learn the intricate skills and precision perfect style to handle group discussions through the group discussion training at Rudraksh Group to help you prosper ahead among others.

Accent Learning: Bid farewell to those days of native language influence in your tone and sharpen your skills for a polished and attractive English accent. We at Rudraksh Group Mohali provide the best accent learning opportunities to help you carve your mark out in the global arena.

Interview Preparation: Interviews are what help you bag the job of your dreams which indeed needs a lot of skills and techniques. Rudraksh Groupis dedicated to provide you with the best opportunity to hone your skills for that perfect interview through its globally acclaimed interview preparation classes aimed at helping you stand out among the rest.


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  2. I am from Kolkata but currently living in Canada. I once read about Rudraksh group on the web and some good comments from their old clients that motivated me to visit them and I can say that they are one of the reasons why I am sitting in Canada today.

  3. It’s not only one example. My cousin had also contacted Rudraksh Group for services and they helped at their best. This is the reason why he is living a good life in Australia nowadays.

  4. Your comments are really motivating, and I am thinking to approach Rudraksh Group Mohali right away as I am fed up these other local consultants.

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