Haryana Then & Now- A Glimpse

Haryana Then and Now

Haryana Then and Now


The political scenario of Haryana is getting hotter by the day. The opposition BJP is striving to end the ten-year-old Congress rule, whereas the latter is working hard to retain its hold in the state. Other regional political parties are using every trick to attract voters. But overall, the Haryana Assembly elections will certainly be different this time because of the number of contenders for the chief minister’s post.

If we see the state of Haryana 10 years from now, we would see a Haryana that was under the process of development and was working hard to achieve overall growth of the state. The state at time was not having a good infrastructure nor was its real estate at all booming. But now as Haryana’s 30 percent of land area constitutes the National Capital Region (NCR). The real estate of the state is at full boom. Due to the fact that 40 percent of the total area of National Capital Region is that of the Haryana state and the need of a world class infrastructure in that area.
The infrastructure also includes roads and bridges. In the last decade the government of Haryana has worked on this aspect of development with a through focus. Road Transport has emerged over the past decades as the major mode of transporting freight and passenger traffic in the state as in the country. It is the main mechanized means of transport in rural areas not served by railways. The length of National Highways in Haryana has doubled from 767 kms in 1965-66 to 1479 kms in 2005-2006. Similarly, the length of state roads has increased by four times from 5370 to 22,175 kms over the same period. This is the same year in which Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda took over the charge of the government of Haryana as its Chief Minister. Haryana is one of the very few states which have done well in respect of rural roads connectivity. Since the inception of the state of Haryana in 1966, only 16 Railway Over Bridges (ROBs) were constructed up to April 2005. And since April 2005, the construction of many ROB is completed and many are in progress. Many by-passes are also constructed to have a smooth traffic management in the state.

Over the last 10 years the industrial production has almost doubled and development has increased manifolds in this state. The state of Haryana has managed to attract a sizeable investment from multinational companies, large business houses, foreign investors, non-resident Indians, and small scale entrepreneurs. Haryana is an investor friendly State and offers a rich reservoir of skilled, motivated and relatively low cost manpower with a good infrastructure and harmonious industrial relations. Having occupied just 1.37 per cent of the country’s geographical area, the state claims to have highest per capita income in the country. Haryana received the largest SEZ in the country which is being set up by Reliance Industries Limited in collaboration with the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation in Gurgaon and Jhajjar. Haryana is number one in the country in implementation of Industrial Entrepreneur Memoranda/Letters of Intent for setting up of large and medium industries.

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