“Dying with Dignity”: thoughts on Brittany Maynard’s resignation from cancer

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Brittany Maynard“What do you think of this?” was all my friend wrote me in a private Facebook message with an attachment of an article about a young woman, Brittany Maynard, who has stage 4 brain cancer. Brittany’s doctors gave her 6 months to live and she decided to beat the cancer by ending her own life with the help of prescribed medication.

After a quick response he then asked me what he always asks me about these sorts of things: “Will God be mad at her?” For some reason this friend has chosen me as the ‘go-to-answer-guy’ for all things religious. He tends to use discussion as way of working through his frustrations with God, or at least his ideas about God, and I always oblige since his questioning usually challenges me a great deal.

The question is really a basic one: does God condemn those who commit suicide?

I’ll say…

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