Prometheus 2 In Progress


“Prometheus 2” is moving closer to actuality. Consistent with Variety, Jack Paglen is in converses with compose the “Prometheus” spin-off, which Ridley Scott will generate for Twentieth Century Fox. (If he controls besides is misty.) Paglen is another name around blockbuster screenwriters; his first credit won’t happen until one year from now, as Paglen composed the Johnny Depp film “Transcendence,” which long-time Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister is steering as his characteristic introduction.

As had been accounted for prior, “Prometheus 2” won’t be composed by unique co-journalist Damon Lindelof. The bête noire of numerous web commentators wasn’t ready to proceed take a shot at the “Prometheus” spin-off on account of earlier duties. After a report asserted that Lindelof left the venture unexpectedly, incensing Scott and Fox all the while, Lindelof cleared things up in a message to Slashfilm:

If I take on too many projects at one time, there is a higher probability of those projects sucking. And contrary to popular belief, I do not want anything I work on to suck. I really don’t. I care about these stories deeply — not just as a writer, but as a fan. It might not always feel that way to the audience, but I swear to God it is true. It also so happens that Ridley was about to embark on directing his next movie, THE COUNSELOR, and had another one, CHILD 44 lined up right behind it. The conclusion was obvious — In the best interest of the franchise, it was best to take myself out of the running before I had to suffer the embarrassment of potentially not even being offered it.

“Prometheus,” a prequel, of sorts, to Scott’s celebrated around the world “Alien,” earned over $400 million worldwide after its discharge a year ago. It’s normal stars Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender will return for the spin-off.


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